time for a new computer
Is it time?

Previously in our technical tips for Tablelanders we have tried to show you how you can get more out of your existing computer but sometime you will probably have to admit it is time for a new computer.

Time for a new computer – what are the signs?

Undoubtedly one of the signs is when your existing computer is failing in its tasks more and more.

Blue Screen of Death

As you may know with a windows personal computer the blue screen of death has been synonymous with dire warning of imminent failure.

time for a new computer
Microsoft Windows Blue Screen of Death

However there are ways of getting out of this precarious situation. In one of our earlier tips we talked about the magic solution of turning your machine off and then on again. Click on the link below to refresh your memory of this.


But even if this can be fixed by turning the machine off and then on again, it can be a sign of an underlying problem.


Again if your computer gets very hot this can be a sign something is wrong. Basic maintenance such as cleaning the fan and ventilation holes and getting rid of dust can help if this is the case. For more of this read the technical tip on maintaining your machine. It is called “keeping your cool”.


But again overheating could be a sign that something is amiss.

Slow boot up times

Sometimes if your machine takes a long time to get started this is also a sign that you may need at least to upgrade or get a new machine. We did show you how to speed up your existing machine by installing a SSD drive which can make a dramatic difference to how quickly you can get started on your tasks.

The link below compares start up times before and after an SDD drive is installed. This one is called speed up your computer.


Unable to update and run programs

Undeniably, one definite reason to get a new machine is when your existing machine is unable to run the latest versions of some software. For instance if your operating system is dated, you might not be able to run the latest version of your web browser eg Safari or Internet Explorer. Some graphic programs may need a much faster processor to operate. When your machine cannot keep up with new programs it is time to look for a new machine.

Some computer advisors say machines should be replaced every four years. Others say 5 for desktops and 3-4 years for laptops.

Again it depends on what you use your machine for. If it is largely just for emails then your machine could last a very long time but if you use it for a variety of purposes then a new machine could be the answer.

For more information click on the link below.


Time for a new computer – options available

So what are your choices? Will you go for a desktop computer or a lap top. Laptops have the convenience of being easily portable and compact. Some people prefer a traditional desktop. Two of the reasons being that they prefer a larger monitor and are more at home with a traditional keyboard. Obviously this is a matter of personal preference.

A personal computer with a new curved monitor?

As you may know new you can buy curved monitors in a variety of widths. The larger the monitor, the more expensive it is. Experts recommend the curved screens if you do a lot of gaming on your computer. Interestingly the curved screen immerses you which makes your computer experience more enjoyable. Centrelink use curved screens so the client cannot see what the operator is looking at.

A laptop for portability and compactness

Alternatively a laptop is compact and versatile. It takes up less desk space and you can take it with you wherever you go. There appear to be some very good deals if you buy from some well known suppliers.

Which machine is for you?

Microsoft or Apple

Most of my customers have Windows PC’s and are used to them. Until about five years ago I had always used PC’s myself. Then I got an Apple Mac laptop as I needed it to write the code for my apps. I now use the Mac for everything. My Windows PC is used for MYOB. I love my Mac. My mum got a Mac when I did and she loves it too although she also works a lot on a Windows Laptop. Her Laptop is seven years old but is fast and reliable since I put an SSD into it.

Once they get used to a Mac most people are converts.

Macs have the reputation of being the machines for creative people and are the choice of artists, musicians and publishers. Click on the link below to see what Computer Weekly says about Apple v Microsoft.

Where to buy?

Before deciding on a new machine look at what you are going to use the machine for. If you are going to do a lot of gaming or graphics you will need a fast processor and and video capabilities. If speed is important you should have an SDD.

When I first worked in my own computer business, I used to build machines for customers to suit their specifications. Then when computers became so cheap to buy from the big retailers, I used to tell customers what to look for when buying a new computer.

However of late, it is evident that it is difficult for customers to buy locally a machine which has the specifications they need. In order to get around this I have been supplying computers again and making sure they have what I think you need. This only applies to Windows machines.

Transferring data

Whether you buy a computer from me or from another retailer I am happy to help you transfer what you need from your old machine to your new one and set up your new machine to link to your printer and of course get onto the Internet.


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