Scanners and Scammers

Scanners and scammers still keep me busy. A few years ago I spent a lot of time ridding customers’ computers of viruses and malware. Then viruses could be a real threat and some caused loss of data and all slowed down the machine. In addition, Malware could change your browser and direct your search to other sites. Most people tried to protect their machines with anti virus software.

Scanners to prevent viruses

Here on the Tablelands, many people bought Norton Anti-virus, McAffee, and AVG. In addition some used the free version of AVG which did not give all the benefits of protection but worked well for most people most of the time.

Having a virus scanner now not so relevant

However viruses are not the problem they were five years ago. Now I find the anti-virus programs cause more problems than viruses. These problems include:

  • Difficulty in renewing subscription and downloading latest virus protection
  • Firewall preventing download of legitimate files
  • Virus protection interfering with printer function
  • Anti-virus software slowing down computer
  • Anti-virus software blocking legitimate sites

Windows Defender inbuilt scanner

Windows Defender is the inbuilt scanner that comes with Windows 10. Fortunately this should be sufficient protection.

scanners and scammers
Windows Defender

If you still have Windows 7 then an additional anti-virus is a good idea.

Macs and scanners

In fact, viruses were never the problem on Macs that they were on Windows systems. But it is possible to get spyware on Macs. If you suspect spyware such as RAVEN, look at your applications and delete the program. RAVEN comes with add-ins you might install. Be careful about add-ins.

In my opinion there is no need for anti=virus software on Windows 10 machines and Macs nor on IPADS and Androids. They cause more problems and are a waste of money.

Scammers Number One Problem

Unfortunately scammers have taken over from viruses as a major threat. Callers try to persuade you that there is a problem and want access to your computer and credit card. Be very wary about phone calls suggesting problems with your computer. Sometimes they tell you that you owe money to the Tax Office. Another may say your internet is about to be cut off. They all want access to your computer and/or your credit card.

More on scammers, scams and what to do about them next week in Technical Tips for Tablelanders (3).

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