Help your child with spelling

Spelling App now available on Android – Help your child at home

Help your child to keep up with the spelling lists sent by the school for home learning. Earlier this year I published at back to school time. I tried to show how you could help your child keep up with spelling and why spelling was important. If you did not read it click on the image below to find out more.

help your child with spelling

Now for most of us there is no school so we must help our kids as much as possible. In the above blog I describe how I came to write an app to help my children learn their spelling lists and times tables which is usually what primary school kids in Queensland and most places have to do for homework. The Spelling app has been available on the Apple Store for some time and now it is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. I have tried to make improvements and make the app more attractive to kids. You can use spelling lists provided or make up your own l lists from the ones sent by the school.  You record the word and put the word in a sentence and can then go over the words with your child. Times tables are a bonus feature.



Download the app and try it for free

The app is free to try. Links to both the Apple Store and the Android Store are shown below – just click on the store you want and download for free,






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