Faulty Keyboard Fixes

Faulty Keyboards on laptops are a problem I often see. Sometimes just one key will not work; other times there may be several keys not working. Occasionally keys remain depressed.

It is very time consuming and annoying to try to avoid using one faulty key and organising your sentences around this. Even worse it can be your control or shift or alt key that is no good.

Obviously there are many causes for these problems:

  • cat has walked over keyboard or slept on keyboard
  • kids have given keyboard a going over
  • husband has spilt bourbon on keyboard (usually on a Friday night)
  • wife knocked coffee over keyboard
  • ants are in keyboard – sometimes attracted by sugary bourbon
  • other insects inside keyboard

Faulty Keyboards can be fixed

faulty keyboards

Surprisingly the older your laptop the easier it is to fix yourself. You can purchase a new keyboard for your laptop for between $25 and $100 fro eBay. Naturally it must be exactly the right model. You can find the model number on the bottom of the laptop.

Older laptops allow easier access to the keyboard

With older laptops it is easier to remove the keyboard and replace it with a new one. The older models do not have the keyboard moulded or soldered to the computer.

Newer laptops are more difficult to disassemble and it may take me up to two hours to replace a keyboard. If mobility is not a problem you could plug a pc keyboard in. These cost around $20.

If you have a problem contact Cath with details of the make and age of your laptop to see if it is worth the cost of a new keyboard and two hours labour.

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